I Called Him Temptation (Intro)

A fictional short story by Rae

Magenta Harris is a young, black woman looking for a date. At this point, anyone will do. Magenta’s boyfriend, Donellius, hasn’t taken her out on a date in months, and she’s tired of waiting. Magenta’s left feeling depressed and useless after trying to fit her desires into their relationship. Enter Tino, the one who may be the answer Magenta’s been looking for. Tino is bold, dominant, and kinda crazy, but he offers Magenta one thing—a date.

Magenta has to make a choice. Will Magenta and Donellius improve their relationship or will she risk everything for a date with his polar opposite?

Find out below in the first installment of this story.

Note: A revised intro has been added with improvements and new content!!

False Mirrors: A Short Screenplay

False Mirrors is a short film screenplay. It follows Sabrina, a young black woman who lives by her own terms, albeit recklessly. Her relationship with her sister, Liberty, sours after Liberty finds out a devastating secret at her graduation party. In a moment of guilt and realization, Sabrina tries to make amends with her sister by making a change to her own lifestyle. But she soon finds forgiveness takes patience.

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