I Called Him Temptation: Day 1

A short story by Rae

Magenta Harris is a young, black woman looking for a date. At this point, anyone will do. Magenta’s boyfriend, Donellius, hasn’t taken her out on a date in months, and she’s tired of waiting. Magenta’s left feeling depressed and useless after trying to fit her desires into their relationship. Enter Tino, the one who may be the answer Magenta’s been looking for. Tino is bold, dominant, and kinda crazy, but he offers Magenta one thing—a date.

Magenta has to make a choice. Will Magenta and Donellius improve their relationship, or will she risk everything for a date with his polar opposite?

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The RVWJC: My First Week as a Transfer

Welp, school is back in session. You know what that means: exams, quizzes, new people, lots of reading, new stressors. I started my junior year as a transfer student at UNT this week, and I was both very ready and not ready at all.

I spent 2 days before the first class day finding my way around and researching what I needed to know about dining, the campus layout, where my classes would be, and organizing my room. The campus is so big, and I have to walk everywhere, but at least I’m kind of staying in shape! The night before my first day, I calmed myself with episodes of Broad City and 90 Day Fiancé.

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Ruby Book Review

Ephram could not help but think of Ruby. She entered him like a taste at the back of his throat—the memory of his mama’s peach cobbler.

Ruby, Cynthia Bond. Book 3 Ch. 23.

Ruby by Cynthia Bond, a tale that, at most times, seamlessly weaves fiction and bits of non-fiction throughout most of the story. My daddy recommended this book to me and I later found out, after I finished the book, he had never read it!

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Moving With the Change

by Taiwo Akorede

This month’s featured writer is my friend, Taiwo! Below you can read his article, Moving With the Change, and a bit more about him.

Taiwo Akorede, popularly know as TAAG, is from Lagos, Nigeria – a western part of Africa. He is a youth orientalist, societal enthusiast, motivational speaker, and a passionate writer with a compound philosophy of promoting intellectuals and reputable individuals unto honor that will suffice the development of resourceful leader for a better environment. Taiwo signifies to be a symbol of hope and an identity of motivation.

TAAG is the convener and founding president of “Foundation for Aspiring Youths in Ethical Leadership” (FYL). It is a non-profit making organization established in Nigeria in 2016 with the vision of creating a better generation of youths with sound leadership values and orientations. FYL has trained over 1,000 young people within a year.

He is an award winning motivational speaker; accomplished and energetic in impacting lives, and content development. He is a passionate volunteer with strong organizational and prioritization abilities. TAAG is the author of, “The Green Light.” He is a friendly and enthusiastic individual.

He is presently a Business major at North Lake College.

Achromatic Painting I

This first painting assignment was intimidating. Initially, I was excited about it since it was my first painting in the class. When it came time to apply what I learned in class, I was still excited and optimistic until my first few paint strokes. It is not as easy as it looks. The grays are not as easy to match up to already painted layers, either. Nevertheless, as with most things, painting takes practice and the first one will rarely ever be perfect.

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