Ruby Book Review

Ephram could not help but think of Ruby. She entered him like a taste at the back of his throat—the memory of his mama’s peach cobbler.

Ruby, Cynthia Bond. Book 3 Ch. 23.

Ruby by Cynthia Bond, a tale that, at most times, seamlessly weaves fiction and bits of non-fiction throughout most of the story. My daddy recommended this book to me and I later found out, after I finished the book, he had never read it!

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PRIDE Parades

Starting off, I am not LGBTQ, but I do support the self expression of all and having a space where you can be comfortable in your individuality. I say, let people love who they want to love!

I’ve always wanted to experience a PRIDE parade, but my mother didn’t know that. At least not until the day of the parade on September 16, 2018.

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Moving With the Change

by Taiwo Akorede

This month’s featured writer is my friend, Taiwo! Below you can read his article, Moving With the Change, and a bit more about him.

Taiwo Akorede, popularly know as TAAG, is from Lagos, Nigeria – a western part of Africa. He is a youth orientalist, societal enthusiast, motivational speaker, and a passionate writer with a compound philosophy of promoting intellectuals and reputable individuals unto honor that will suffice the development of resourceful leader for a better environment. Taiwo signifies to be a symbol of hope and an identity of motivation.

TAAG is the convener and founding president of “Foundation for Aspiring Youths in Ethical Leadership” (FYL). It is a non-profit making organization established in Nigeria in 2016 with the vision of creating a better generation of youths with sound leadership values and orientations. FYL has trained over 1,000 young people within a year.

He is an award winning motivational speaker; accomplished and energetic in impacting lives, and content development. He is a passionate volunteer with strong organizational and prioritization abilities. TAAG is the author of, “The Green Light.” He is a friendly and enthusiastic individual.

He is presently a Business major at North Lake College.

The Most Writing I’ve Ever Done

I took 2 writing intensive classes this spring semester, but that was only the tip of my iceberg. Each task, both inside and outside of class, provided me the growth I didn’t know I needed. And for that… I’m grateful.

8 essays in a 16-week semester plus pre-writing activities every week. 90 percent of those essays were about Oedipus Rex. Add that to writing assignments for 3 other classes and I was drowning! It was the most writing I’d ever have to endure. Talk about stresssssed. Haha…what a surprise I was in for.

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My Last Year at Community College

My dreams are coming true! But not without hard work and determination. A few months ago, I started an internship as a writer for the college website College Xpress.

Blank notebook with phone and laptop

I sent my first post, “5 Things I Learned My Last Year at Community College,” in March. My editor loved the idea, and apparently, she wasn’t the only one. A month later, she sent me an email that the editorial team would like to feature my article in the magazine, Transfer Colleges and Universities, later this year! I was floored.

So that’s it! My first blog post for my internship, soon to be published in a national magazine, is now available in blog form. I am so excited to share this with everyone I know because it’s a milestone in my career path toward print journalism. Link below!!

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