The Most Writing I’ve Ever Done

I took 2 writing intensive classes this spring semester, but that was only the tip of my iceberg. Each task, both inside and outside of class, provided me the growth I didn’t know I needed. And for that… I’m grateful.

8 essays in a 16-week semester plus pre-writing activities every week. 90 percent of those essays were about Oedipus Rex. Add that to writing assignments for 3 other classes and I was drowning! It was the most writing I’d ever have to endure. Talk about stresssssed. Haha…what a surprise I was in for.

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False Mirrors: A Short Screenplay

False Mirrors is a short film screenplay. It follows Sabrina, a young black woman who lives by her own terms, albeit recklessly. Her relationship with her sister, Liberty, sours after Liberty finds out a devastating secret at her graduation party. In a moment of guilt and realization, Sabrina tries to make amends with her sister by making a change to her own lifestyle. But she soon finds forgiveness takes patience.

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